Here is a little background on how to view your images. I first want to personally thank you for coming to my site and giving me the opportunity to create life long memories. Enter your page by pressing the tab that says "click here to see images" From there you will see thumbnails of all the images from the session. You can click on any one to enlarge the image and use the cart button to order prints from there. You can also use the "Package Bar on the top of the thumbnail area to get extra savings.Once you order a package navigate to gallery to select images that you want for the package. The program will only let you select sizes that are in the package. You must complete the package before ordering any more single prints. In addition the only way to order 4x6 prints is in the packages. There will be a flat $10 shipping and handling fee for all orders. The program will walk you through the rest of the process and you can certainly use your cell phone. I will mail all orders to your home. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly @ Donny Worzala